Famíla Carvalho Martins

Carvalho Martins Family manages the Quinta Vale do Olmo for 4 generations. The vineyards are located in the Douro Region and were planted in schists soils at 550 meters altitude, in the Mêda area (Douro Superior).

It all started with our great-grandfather who planted the first vineyard in the early 20th century. In the 1980s, our parents decided to extend the existing vineyard to the 25 hectares that are now planted. For years, grapes from Quinta Vale do Olmo were sold to most emblematic companies in the Douro Valley.

Bothers born in the 1980s, from an early age, we got used to the rituals of viticulture, from the precision of pruning to the bustle of the harvest, we always followed the rhythms of the vine very closely. Until one day, as brothers who followed different professional paths, we decided to meet again in Mêda to take advantage of the high potential of the grapes.

We decided to make a coup [golpe]. We built a winery that allows us to control the entire winemaking process, carried out according to strict oenological practices, to make wines that respect the terroir of the Quinta Vale do Olmo, highlighting the minerality and freshness that are characteristics that we both like in wine.

More than a coup [golpe], we decided to establish a pact [pacto] with the family, vineyard and region renewing the legacy that was transmitted to us